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How to Contribute

SimilarGeeks offers all users a ‘Contribute’ option on their site where they can come to write about a specific topic and share it with everyone. It allows you to improve your knowledge and expertise in specific subjects while also allowing you to expose your research and writing talents to others all around the world. Not only that, but you’ll be rewarded in the form of remuneration, Goodies, discount offers, and so on.

You can easily get started with doing Contribution at Similar Geeks by following the below-mentioned steps:

Points to Remember :

  1. Starting writing any tech article related to any domain of study, add images or code snippets if required and finally a suitable title for the article.
  2. You can submit your blog post/article by sending it to
  3.  It is strongly recommended to completely check your article before submitting it. The articles which are incorrect or promotional or plagiarized may lead to rejection.
  4. Higher the length of the article more the chances of getting selected.

It’s not ended here, you can also contribute videos by explaining any topic or any Interview experiences.

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