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How to remove docker ubuntu

Let’s start the discussion about How to remove docker ubuntu in following methods.


remove docker ubuntu ?

To completely uninstall Docker:

Step 1

dpkg -l | grep -i docker
To identify what installed package you have:

Step 2

sudo apt-get purge -y docker-engine docker docker.io docker-ce docker-ce-cli
sudo apt-get autoremove -y --purge docker-engine docker docker.io docker-ce  
The above commands will not remove images, containers, volumes, or user created configuration files on your host. If you wish to delete all images, containers, and volumes run the following commands:

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/docker /etc/docker
sudo rm /etc/apparmor.d/docker
sudo groupdel docker
sudo rm -rf /var/run/docker.sock
You have removed Docker from the system completely.

Package ‘docker-ce’ is not installed, so not removed ?

dpkg -l | grep -i docker

I hope the strategies listed above work for you. Happy coding and come back again.

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