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How to Delete Remote Git Branch

Once you are done working on a remote branch i.e., you and your collaborators have finished a feature and merged it into your remote’s master branch or whichever branch that suits the job. Using the --delete option to git push, you can delete a remote branch.

The syntax of the commands is as follows. Use any one the command depending on the Git Version you use.

git push origin :<branch>          # Git versions that are older than 1.7.0
git push origin -d <branch>        # Alias used in the Shorter version (Git 1.7.0 or newer)
git push origin --delete <branch>  # Git version 1.7.0 or newer

Example : Suppose if you want to remove the branch called nav-bar from the remote server, then run:

git push origin --delete nav-bar

Note : Essentially, this removes the pointer from the server. The Git server will generally save the data until a trash collection occurs, so if it was accidentally destroyed, it is often simple to restore.

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