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mariadb unknown collation: ‘utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci’

Let’s start the discussion about mariadb unknown collation: ‘utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci’ in following Approaches.

This problem, I assume, is caused by the fact that the local and live servers are running different versions of MySQL. Here’s how to fix it: In your text editor, open the sql file. Replace all instances of utf8mb4 unicode 520 ci with utf8mb4 unicode ci. Save and upload to a new MySql database.

mariadb unknown collation: ‘utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci’ ?

I just opened the dump.sql file in Notepad++ and 
hit CTRL+H to find and replace the string 
"utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci" and replace with "utf8mb4_general_ci"

I hope the strategies listed above work for you. Happy coding and come back again.

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