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Hexadecimal to Decimal in Python

Learn about Hexadecimal to Decimal in Python in the below code example. Also, refer to the comments in the code snippet to get a detailed view about what’s actually happening.


Hexadecimal to Decimal in Python

This function can be used to execute this operation; by passing an argument (16), it can convert a hexadecimal string number to base sixteen while also converting it to an integer.

# Python program to convert hexadecimal to decimal

def HexDecimal(n):
    return int(n, 16)
# input
num = input('Enter hexadecimal number: ')

# function call
print('The decimal value is =', HexDecimal(num))


Enter hexadecimal number: C
The decimal value is = 12

Using ast.literal_eval() :

This function can be performed by utilising a literal evaluation function that estimates the base and converts the number string to decimal number format.

# Python program for converting hexadecimal string to decimal

from ast import literal_eval

# string
test_string = input('Enter string :')

# using ast.literal_eval()
res = literal_eval(test_string)

# print result
print("The decimal number of hexadecimal string : " + str(res))


Enter string :0XC
The decimal number of hexadecimal string : 12

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