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Difference between ++i and i++

Learn about C Program to find Difference between ++i and i++ in the below code example.
Also refer the comments in the code snippet to get a detailed view about what’s actually happening.


C Program to find Difference between ++i and i++

These are mainly defined as Post-Increment (i++)and Pre-Increment(++i). Pre-Increment is first incremented and used in expression whereas Post-increment is used in expression and is incremented.

int main()
    int a=10,b=20,c,d;
    c=a++;//Post-increment and hence 10 is assigned to c and incremented
    d=++b;//Pre-increment and hence first increment 21 and assigns to d
    printf("a:%d b:%d c:%d d:%d ",a,b,c,d);
    return 0;

a:11 b:21 c:10 d:21

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