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C Program to Find Size of Data Types

Learn about C Program to Find Size of Data Types in the below code example. Also refer the comments in the code snippet to get a detailed view about what’s actually happening.


C Program to Find Size of Data Types

The size of data types in C is determined by the compiler or system architecture, i.e. 32-bit or 64-bit compiler. The data type int has a size of 2 bytes in 32-bit architecture and 4 bytes in 64-bit architecture.

A sizeof() function implemented under stdio is required to determine the size. h. sizeof() returns the size in bytes. A 0 or a 1 takes up one bit of space. 1 byte is equal to 8 bits. We can use sizeof() to determine the size of data-types or variables.


int main()
   printf("Size of short is %ld bytes\n",sizeof(short));
   printf("Size of int is %ld bytes\n",sizeof(int));
   printf("Size of long is %ld bytes\n",sizeof(long));

   printf("Size of char is %ld bytes\n",sizeof(char));
   printf("Size of void is %ld bytes\n",sizeof(void));

   printf("Size of float is %ld bytes\n",sizeof(float));
   printf("Size of double is %ld bytes\n",sizeof(double));
   printf("Size of long double is %ld bytes\n",sizeof(long double));
   return 0;


Size of short is 2 bytes
Size of int is 4 bytes
Size of long is 8 bytes
Size of char is 1 bytes
Size of void is 1 bytes
Size of float is 4 bytes
Size of double is 8 bytes
Size of long double is 16 bytes

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